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How to make a massage cream with peppers

Relieving pain is probably not what you imagine when you think at chili peppers but traditional healers will know that the infusion of hot peppers in oil is an excellent cream for massaging sore muscles after exercise, the efforts of the back and even the arthritic joints. Capsaicin, this chemical ...

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Do it yourself: antifungal foot cream

Foot fungus it is not an attractive topic of conversation. Nor is it a condition that many admit openly that they struggle with. However, it is a real and common condition that can be painful and embarrassing. Not only is chronic but is also potentially contagious. Yes, if your significant ...

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How to heal a burn fast

There are many old home remedies for burns, such as butter or lard to put on the damaged skin. But contrary to the methods, health professionals recommend the use of aloe vera or antibiotic ointment on a burn. Aloe vera can come directly from a houseplant or a pipe purchased ...

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What Causes Hair Breakage?

You can solve a problem if you know its root cause. Hair breakage can be prevented or reduced if you know all the information behind this pesky effect. Hair breakage and hair loss is often caused by our desire to be trendy and stylish. The tight buns, the Croydon facelift, ...

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